Kristine Lye

Kristine began studying Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) in 2012 and has studied Melaney Ryan’s work ever since. ITA incorporates energetic alignments and self-development techniques to improve physical and psychological well-being leading to self-awareness and self- healing. ITA is a system of medicine based on how Melaney Ryan, the founder of ITA and Mahat meditation works with energy.

Prior to this Kristine had been attempting to find a cure for a chronic health issue which involved severe pain and a loss of mobility in her spine, coupled with psychological distress from the prolonged and daunting search for genuine insight.

Through ITA, not only did she experience rapid relief from each category of symptoms, she learned the triggers that caused the pain to increase and to consciously observe and release them through mind work. As the pain gradually subsided she regained full physical mobility and made a decision to study and help others as she herself had been helped.

Kristine began clinical practice in 2015 working exclusively with ITA techniques to support people in their process of self-development and self-healing. Now a few years on, she is actively involved in teaching Melaney’s principals to the next generation of ITA practitioners.

An ITA session with Kristine lasts for approximately one hour in which time you remain fully clothed and lie comfortably in a warm nurturing environment.

If you would like to understand more about ITA and how Kristine treats please feel free to call the clinic and ask to speak to her or one of the other ITA practitioners.



This may perhaps be seen as biased as I work with Kristine, however having known Kristine for over 20yrs and having been a patient as well I feel well placed to give feedback.

I feel certain that anyone who sees Kristine will feel that they have been heard, been seen and will feel nurtured and on occasions will have real insight delivered to them. Alignment best describes how you feel after seeing her, an intangible but definite sense of things being right.

– Gordon Carruthers