Laura Shearwood

Laura is an Integrative Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) practitioner and qualified naturopath. In her consultations she works with ITA to align the energetic systems of the body and connect people with their true essence to bring about change in their health and wellbeing. She further supports this integration with herbal medicine, homoeopathy, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle change.

This style of consultation came about with Laura recognising the power of the ITA procedures and how this complemented her naturopathy practice.

Laura’s practice is appropriate for anyone wanting to achieve a higher level of wellness. However the style of consultation has proven to be particularly useful in the support of the outcomes of stress, fatigue and imbalanced mental health such as anxiety and depression.

Along with consulting, Laura is a facilitator of the ITA Energetic Self Care course and training to be a facilitator to teach ITA tier 1 through the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness.

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